About Me

My name is Mingle Li. I'm a Chinese-born-American teenager in high school.



High school software developer with over 5 years of experience with the Java programming language. Co-founded two companies (relating to SaaS & eCommerce/Business Technology). Proficient in Java, WebDev, CLI, Python. Able to pick up new languages (especially OOP-oriented) and concepts very easily. Is extremely competent at Googling and processing information on the web in order to deliver solutions efficiently. Outgoing, social, detail-oriented, works better in a team. Looking to make an impact on the world.


eco IOT Solutions LLC

Jun 2018 - Present

Co-Founder, Software Engineer

  • Configure and integrate the frontend and backend of an eCommerce solution using the Magento 2 framework
  • Configure SEO and meta titles/descriptions for effective rankings in Google's SERPs
  • Apply and integrate external modules and resolve conflicts if necessary
FRC Team 5735

Sep 2017 - Present

Lead Software Programmer

  • Utilized Java and libraries from WPI and CTRE to program a fully-functioning robot for the First Robotics Competition robotics team at Wayland High School
  • Fixed variable symbolic link issue that caused robot to erratically speed up and go the wrong way
  • Figured how to integrate an external inertial measurement unit into our motion profiling handler to allow precision when following trajectories
  • Ported software development over to IntelliJ from Eclipse and figured out how to integrate Ant in order to accelerate and optimize the programming process

May 2015 - Present

Co-Founder, Software Engineer

  • Develop and maintain a modern, software-oriented point-of-sale solution that runs on the cloud and is accessible by virtually any device with an Internet connection
  • Use Java alongside external frameworks such as Apache, Maven, Spring, and more, to construct database models and query handlers
  • Utilize the WebDev languages to develop a responsive, user-friendly frontend interface
  • Produced a lightweight, mobile Python server on a Raspberry Pi that runs on local LAN as a failsafe gateway for HTTPS requests, in case of a faulty Internet connection
  • Planned and implemented a responsive, user-friendly UI using the Bootstrap framework


Wayland High School

Sep 2017 - Jun 2021

  • Obtained an average weighted GPA of 4.82 and an average unweighted GPA of 3.93
  • Scored a 5 on the AP Computer Science A test
  • Scored a 790/800 on the Biology E SAT II Subject Test





WebDev (HTML, CSS, JS)



Linux CLI, Git CLI









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